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Big Shoes to Fill

As you are aware, being the bass player in Arcano is a huge responsibility, and it isn’t for the faint of heart. There aren’t many who can step into the role, but one man has…

We are happy to announce the arrival of Abraham Saenz, an internationally touring bassist who joined us on a few tracks on Desde el otro Lado del East River (CD Baby). We are so excited that Abraham is now a permanent member of the Arcano family, that we couldn’t help but book a performance to show him off as soon as possible…

2 1/2 months since the Official release of our Debut album, DESDE EL OTRO LADO DEL EAST RIVER, and we are in awe at the global response and reaction to our music.  It feels so unreal at times that I have pinched my arm just to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

Now, to continue moving forward.  Booking shows, hopefully a few tours, to get out there and not only perform for the dancers and listeners but to also extend the hand of thanks and meet everyone we can.


Now, we invite everyone to our next performance on 12/8/12 at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.  $10/door with a Midnight start time.  (Check our calendar for directions).


If you haven't heard the album, visit CD BABY

Buy it and join everyone else who is loving the Grupo Arcano sound.  Become part of our family!  Peace.



This past Sunday, Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway hosted Grupo Arcano for the 2nd time in just 2 1/2 months.  Our thanks to all of you who showed you support of both Arcano and live Salsa events.  

If you missed it, the entire lounge area was packed to standing room only and flooded into the slot machine areas.  It was an amazing crowd and we were honored and humbled to perform in front of such great people and dancers.

If you were there, then you know that it went down hard and all of you went down just as hard on that dance floor.

We hope to return soon and see you all again for a repeat.


Sessions are coming along pretty good.  Though funds are always an issue when self producing a project like this, we are fighting to make this happen.  We can't wait to share our newer music with all of you.  It's some really good and refreshing stuff for salsa in general.

We are still taking any donations to help finish this project and while our official fund raiser has come to an end, we encourage anyone who has the ability to help us to please do so.

Here is the link to our Video fund-raiser (  No more pledges can be accepted via this link but ALL and ANY info can be found here along with all of the rewards which I will most DEFINITELY honor.  If you are interested i nhelping us finish this great project, just send us an email and we will show you how to help.

Peace to all, y que viva la salsa! 

On Saturday, May 7, 2011, Danny Diaz and I (George Vélez, Jr) had the pleasure of driving up to Fairleigh Dickenson University in Teaneck, NJ and meeting Ms. Vicki Solá (Salsa/Latin music radio DJ and author).  Since 1983, she has been the host of WFDU's "Que Viva La Musica", which airs every Saturday from 12pm-4pm on the FM dial and is streamed via the internet as well.

We were her guests for a 1 hour interview (2-3pm) in which we spoke about Grupo Arcano and she played all 4 songs off of our Pre-release demo. 

I want to thank Vicki for asking us to be on her show and for her support of our music.  She has contributed to our Kickstarter Fundraiser ( and expressed that hearing our music really makes her happy about the future and next generation of salsa.

We also made another new friend at WFDU - Vicki's 'apprentice' Jaime Rodriguez.  This is great guy and I can really see the torch being passed to him and him not dropping it. 

Vicki Solá (

Hey all,

It's been a really long and rough road for us this last year.  Personal finances, well, I'm sure we all have been feeling that strain for a while.

But, we are trudging forward, making every attempt to get back into the recording studio to finish up our 1st album.  Something I know we will be proud of making and something I know you guys will enjoy.

So far, this year, we have been able to make some really good new friends who have been enjoying the sound of Grupo Arcano and have offered to help us in anyways they possibly can.  And we appreciate what they have done so far, and what they are doing for us.

We will be posting up new pictures and videos of Arcano in the studio as the session go along.  We will try to keep you informed and up to date. 

Keep LIVE played Salsa alive!  Push your Salsa club owners to bring in live bands!

Peace my friends,


It took us way longer than expected, and though I always feel it can be better (cuz' it can!), we have decided to finally press a 4 song Demo.




It features both of our singers (Ray Torres, Jr and George Vélez, Sr.) on 2 separate tracks each and it also displays a variety of styles.  

All compositions are original and arranged by either Harold Gutiérrez (Pianist) or George Vélez, Jr (Sax), with lyrics being provided by Ray, George, Sr. and Harold. 

We are still working on more music to release a full album sometime next year.  It's gonna be great!

On this demo, we released:

Preguntale - written and sung by Ray Torres and arranged by Harold Gutiérrez

Lluvia Viene - written and sung by George Vélez, Sr. and arranged by Harold Gutiérrez

Esa Mujer - written and sung by Ray Torres and arranged by George Vélez, Jr.

Ary - Sung by George Vélez, Sr. and written and arranged by Harold Gutiérrez


You can hear them here on our Music player (or Music page) and also on YOUTUBE with some "video"/pictures.




Well, I am happy to announce that we have been able to lock in some more dates to continue with the recording of our 1st album.  We hit a BIG financial bump in early May, so, sadly, we have been delayed by 2 months.  But, this is all good.  It helped push us out of the "We have to finish this project by yesterday" mentality.  We all want this album to be available ASAP, but we also want to give you guys a GOOD final product.  And we also need to remember that we have many other responsibilities that at times, supercede this recording project. (For now!, ha ha).

On June 6th, at 4pm - Grupo Arcano and dancers from the Lorenz Latin Dance Studios took the Stage at the Brooklyn Puerto Rican Festival on Graham Avenue.  Through the rain, we all still did our thing and the people loved it!

Don't miss it!  This Sunday, at the Brooklyn Puerto Rican festival on Graham Avenue.  Grupo Arcano will be on stage for 1 set.  Join us on stage will be 8 of the hottest dancers from the Lorenz Latin Dance Studio (out of Ridgewood, NY.  Provided the weather is on our side, it proves to be a good and interesting performance.

Also, joining Arcano for this particular event is one of NYC hottest, youngest and most sought after pianists, Yeissonn Villamar.  Our thanks to Yeissonn for being with us on that day.

Sigue viviendo la Salsa!

Grupo Arcano will be playing at 2 Puerto Rican festivals in early June and are happy, and thankful, to Lorenz Dance Studios and its dancers for making themselves available to dance on stage during both of our performances.  So come down to both events and check out some really good Salsa along with some exceptional dancing.   

Arcano is getting ready to return to COLUMBUS 72 on 5/30/10 11pm.  Arcano had its 1st Manhattan gig here back in October of '08.  Its been a long awaited return and the fans will be blow away by the sound.  Come down and enjoy!  Check our Calendar for directions!  Peace All.

We just finished a few recording sessions, and considering a few minor set backs, all seems to be moving good. Stay tuned for some clips! Much love everyone!

- George, Musical Director

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